Ray Charles Robinson

(September 23, 1930 to 1910 in June 2004), better known by his stage name Ray Charles Court, is an American musician. Ray was a pioneer in the genre of soul music in the 1950s with the fuses rhythm & blues, gospel, blues and styles in the first recordings with Atlantic Records. He also helped integrate the state of race and pop music in the 1960s with the success of the association on ABC Records, especially with his Modern Sounds albums. While with ABC, Charles became one of the first African-American musicians who have artistic control by a traditional label. Charles Rolling Stone ranked 10 in their list of "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" in 2004, and number two in November 2008 a list of their "100 greatest singers of all time" In honor of Charles Billy Joel notes:. "This may sound blasphemous, but I think Ray Charles is more important than Elvis Presley. I do not know if Ray was the architect of rock & roll, but it was certainly the first person to do many things ... Who would have ever put up as many styles together and make it work? "
Ray Charles Robinson was the son of Aretha Williams, farmer, and Bailey Robinson, improvement of railway men, mechanics and carpenters. Aretha Williams was a devout Christian and his family attended the New Shiloh Baptist Church. When Ray was a child, his family moved from Albany, Ga., where he was born to poor blacks on the west side of Greenville, Florida.
In the early years, Charles has shown a curiosity about things mechanical and he often saw people in the working environment in farm machinery and automobiles. musical curiosity triggered Mr. Wiley Red Wing Pit Pit Cafe when boogie woogie played on an old piano. Pit will take care of George, his brother Ray, so he can take charge of Williams. However, George drowned in the sink "Williams when he was four.
Charles began to lose sight at the age of five. He was totally blind at age seven. Although some sources suggest his blindness caused by glaucoma, the majority said that Ray began to lose sight of the infection caused by soapy water to the untreated eyes. He attended school at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine 1937-1945, where he developed his musical talent. Meanwhile, he appeared on radio in St. Augustine.His WFOY father died when he was 10 years old and his mother died five years later.
At school, Charles has taught classical music, but he wanted to play jazz and blues he heard in families radio.While at school, he became a leading musician in the school. On Friday, South Campus Literary Society held meetings where Charles played the piano and sing popular songs. On the anniversary of Halloween and Washington schools of the Department of color have been social in which Charles will play. That's where he founded the "RC Robinson and Shop Boys" and sang his own arrangement "Jingle Bell Boogie." He spent his first Christmas at school, but staff in the slope Charles can return to Greenville as he did every summer.
Henry and Alice Johnson, who owns a store that does not differ with Mr. Pit Shop in Greenville, moved to Frenchtown section of Tallahassee, just west of Greenville, and they, as well as Freddy and Margaret Bryant, Charles She has taken in the Register at the Bryants Store Editor Lucille Bryant, their daughter. They say he loved Tallahassee and is often used motorcycle deliveryman Pharmacy and run down the hill using a bicycle to escape his guide to his friends. Charles found interesting music and sitting Tallahassee with Florida A & M University student band. He was playing with the Adderley Brothers, Nat and Cannonball, and began playing shows with counsel for Smith and his band in 1943 at Club Red Bird Club and luxury Frenchtown and truck stops around Tallahassee, and the governors Ball.

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